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Jz Zillart (Zen) is a founder of businesses and advocate of others.  Always happy to help and support those with allied ambitions. A story teller who speaks and trains a variety of private persons and for organisations.  Occasionally known for privately writing and giving extraordinary emotional spoken word performances in Ireland.

Keeping the Dream Alive

Participant in the arts and entertainment as an avid supporter in variable projects to encourage and sustain our most valuable living artists in radio, screen, TV and the theatre.

Always enthusiastic about anything that lets the show go on...

Enriching Society

A keen individual who enjoys engaging with challenging subjects and projects where failure has 'seemingly' defeated those who could be our next heroes as we change in a world which is in need of those who have 'walked that path' (and survived to thrive).

Always open to speaking to agencies worldwide on how to strategize, resource and overcome local or national matters of interest.